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About – Czeslaw Siegieda – Photographer

My purpose was to capture and deliver my own intimate experiences of the post-war Polish community I grew up in. I wanted to focus on simple things and scenes that would tell a personal story about the spirit of a people and of a nation who would not be broken either by war or occupation.


Goats’ dung could give farm renewable power | Totnes Renewable Energy Society

A green project to power Dartington with dung has been give a €£18,000 grant to fund a feasibility study. The study will look at how to set up a 100kW anaerobic digester producing energy from farmyard manure at Old Parsonage Farm on the Dartington Hall estate in Devon. Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC) has won the grant funding for the feasibility study from the Rural Community Energy Fund. If the study proves the renewable energy scheme is commercially viable, TRESOC will be looking at raising cash for its construction through a community share offer, so that the plant is owned by the local community – ensuring the economic benefits from the project are shared locally.